CH. DryCreek's Jester of Aristo, CD
CH. Csardas Rhapsody of Sava, MH  x  CH. Csardas Hell-O' Dolly, MH
Stolen from me too soon by the evil cancer, Jester is that once-in-a-lifetime
dog that changes one's life forever.  
Jester was a cuddly, mellow Vizsla who loved to
please.  He was THAT DOG that even non-doggy people noticed, and they said
"Wow, that's a handsome dog!".  Always a contender in the Show and
Obedience rings, he also had a passion for
hunting.  Congratulations to BOTH his parents on achieving their Master
Hunter titles.  

See Jester's
puppies on Brenna's page for her 2008 litter.  I am so pleased
that the puppies inherited their father's desire to please, terrific movement,
and excitement for birds.
Von Willebrands: Normal
DNA# V288994
OFA: Good
Thyroid: Normal
Breeder: Robert Studer & Nancy Colwell
DryCreek Vizslas
Jester wins Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the Vizsla Club of
Northern California
Specialty in 2007.
(photo by Cook Phodography)
Jester pictured at 3 years old.  (Photo by Cook Phodography.)
Jester was always striving for new heights...even at 10 weeks old!
Jester pictured at about 1 year old, just starting his
show career.  (P
hoto by Cook Phodography.)