CH. DryCreek's Jester of Aristo, CD
CH. Csardas Rhapsody of Sava, MH  x  CH. Csardas Hell-O' Dolly, MH
Stolen from me too soon by the evil cancer, Jester is that once-in-a-lifetime
dog that changes one's life forever.  
Jester was a cuddly, mellow Vizsla who loved to
please.  He was THAT DOG that even non-doggy people noticed, and they said
"Wow, that's a handsome dog!".  Always a contender in the Show and
Obedience rings, he also had a passion for
hunting.  Congratulations to BOTH his parents on achieving their Master
Hunter titles.  If you're looking for a Stud with
smooth, CORRECT movement and an air of nobility...look to Jester.  Frozen
semen available after we discuss the cancer issue.

See Jester's
puppies on Brenna's page for her 2008 litter.  I am so pleased
that the puppies inherited their father's desire to please, terrific movement,
and excitement for birds.
Von Willebrands: Normal
DNA# V288994
OFA: Good
Thyroid: Normal
Breeder: Robert Studer & Nancy Colwell
DryCreek Vizslas
Jester wins Best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the Vizsla Club of
Northern California
Specialty in 2007.
(photo by Cook Phodography)
Jester pictured at 3 years old.  (Photo by Cook Phodography.)
Jester was always striving for new heights...even at 10 weeks old!
Jester pictured at about 1 year old, just starting his
show career.  (P
hoto by Cook Phodography.)