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Aristo Acres
Joye Walker (formerly Joye Bondanza)
Thompsons Station, TN (formerly Red Bluff, CA)
(530) 736-6208
NEW e-mail in 2016:
Here I am at my first match (and in dire need of some
handling lessons), and in College.
This is my previous home and barn in Northern California.
About Me

When I was 5 years old, I was breeding Dutch Rabbits.  It was a natural progression to wanting a
puppy, so when I was nine years old, my parents bought me a puppy from a reputable Keeshond
breeder.  She encouraged me to attend a Match, and then a Dog Show.  I was hooked!  My first litter
of Keeshonden was bred when I was 12 years old, and I was fascinated by the cute results of all the
planning, ethics, genetics, art and science included in the dog world.

After attaining a B.A. in Horsemanship (Equine Studies), I moved to a very hot climate, so a change of
breed was in order.  I researched and landed on the Vizsla.  I am captivated by their desire to please,
their affection, and the fact that they are like no other dog on Earth.

Over the years, I have also raised Miniature Horses, finches, ducks, chickens, pigeons, and a turkey.  I
guess you can say that raising animals is in my blood!  
Suzie and Jester say:
Welcome To My Website!
I have 3 dogs with me in Tennessee, Boomer is in California, and Suzie is in
Heaven.  Each dog has their own page; please click on a button (left) for each
dog's page.
Cody and Joye.  (Photo by Forrest Bliss)
Twins!  Suzie and Tex with mother Tinker.
Now they are in doggy
sweet Shadow, Jester, and Angel.

2018: All of my dogs are enjoying the Meet Ups with the Middle Tennessee Vizsla Group...find the
group on Facebook, and I hope to see you soon at one of our fabulous local parks!

July 2016: Rez, from my Vino x Zara litter, becomes a new CHAMPION with a major win of BOW
at a Specialty in Oregon!
March 2016:
Lila, from Brenna's 2011 litter, has a magnificent litter of 6 pups!
December 2015:
Rez, from Zara's 2012 litter, wins a 4-point major!
March 2015:
Lila, from Brenna's 2011 litter, finishes her Champion title with a 5-point major, and
the next day, her first time in the ring as a Special, she wins another 5-point major!
January 2015:
Khya, from Zara's 2012 litter, wins a 4-point major at a Specialty!
August 2014:
Zara finishes her Grand Champion title with style in Reno!
June 2014:
Zara wins an Award of Merit (AOM) at the VCNC Specialty in a field of 68 Vizslas!
January 2014:
Boomer achieves his International Champion title, with high praise for correct,
strong movement and happy attitude from the judges!
July 2013:
Boomer gets his Beginner Novice (BN) Obedience title in 3 straight Trials!
April 2013:
Brodie, from Brenna's 2011 litter, attained his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title with his
12 year-old owner handler!
April 2013:
Rez, from Zara's 2012 litter, attained his Junior Hunter (JH) title, and demonstrated
excellent work ethic and desire in the field!
Here is my new home in Tennessee, the dogs are getting used
to their smaller backyard.