Vizsla Litter 2008
My 2 cents on breeding in general...
The point of breeding dogs, in my humble opinion, is to bring healthy
companions into the world so that humans' lives can be enriched and more
enjoyable.  We all know that there is a pet overpopulation problem, so I
breed VERY selectively, and not often (6 litters since 1985).  I feel a
tremendous responsibility to the puppy, and I am here for the entire lifetime
of any dog I produce for support, guidance, and re-homing if necessary.  
Since I have a passion for conformation, I breed for excellence in the show
ring, AND, since a Vizsla is not a Vizsla if it doesn't love to hunt and to please
his master, I breed for those qualities as well.

Please feel free to inquire about more details on anything from pedigrees to
health guarantees and temperament testing.

The Vizsla Club of America condemns the breeding of dogs who show any of
the following: hip dysplasia, epilepsy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA),
entropion, Von Willebrand's Disease, and cranial muscular atrophy.  We
follow these ethical guidelines, and in addition, we test for other eye and
thyroid problems, and do our best to avoid cancer which is far too common.  
I am constantly researching the latest health information, and all of my dogs'
DNA has been donated to all the major research studies in the United States.
I encourage other breeders to do the same.
Vizsla Litter 2008

Born May 2, 2008
Sire: CH. DryCreek's Jester of Aristo, C.D.,     "Jester"
Dam: CH. Criodains' Brenna of Aristo, C.G.C.,      "Brenna"
Here are photos of Dad, Jester.  Since I owned him, you can see more of him on his
page elsewhere on this website.
Below are photos of Mom, Brenna.  Since I own her, you can see more of her on
Brenna's page elsewhere in this website.
Below are some of the pups as they have
grown up with their very happy humans!
Mission Accomplished!   Happy human
and grown up puppy!!!
This lovable boy is Tazmin, and below
he is the pup with the yellow ric rac
looking right at the camera.
(Photo by Jarvis Photography)
As a youngster at my house, he was Mr. Orange, but now he is known as Sawyer.  
Isn't it interesting to see the "before" and "after" stacked photos?
Sawyer was the first puppy to finish his Championship from this litter, with
...two 5-point majors and two 3-point majors!!!!!
To say the least, I am unbelievably proud of him and his owners.  Recently he earned
his International Show Championship, his Junior Hunter title, his Canine Good Citizen
Title, and his GRAND Championship with his owner/handler-impressive!
Above Sawyer is winning a 5 point major at a Supported Entry show,
defeating 21 class dogs.  (His brother, Vino, went Reserve to him that
day).  Did I mention Sawyer also won Best of Winners the next day at the
Vizsla Club of Northern California
SPECIALTY???  Of course that was
another 5 point major, defeating 53 class animals!  Thank you, Handler
Josh Hargis!   OK, I just HAD to brag about that!
Brothers compete against each other: Vino on the left,
and Sawyer on the right.
Here is Brenna yawning, tired of being so fat and pregnant!
Thankfully all 7 pups arrived safely, and
Brenna is a terrific Mother.
Happy hanging out at home.
Here is Oscar, formerly known as
Big Mr. Brown.  He is all dressed up
for President's Day 2009.  You
should see him at Halloween!
Days after this photo, tragedy
struck Oscar, and he died from
an accident at only 1 1/2 years
old.  He was ripped from the
arms of his loving family far, far
too soon.  He and his Dad are
two very special red angels in
Zeke and his nephew, Tazmin,
lean against each other...this is
not a set-up, they are just best
Photo copyrighted by Jarvis Photography.
The new Champion, August 2009.
Puppy Birthday Party April 2010.
The race is on in our back pasture.  Here Taser the Whippet is in the lead (well,
is one of the fastest breeds).  Most of the puppies were able to
attend-thanks to their owners for coming all the way to Red Bluff.  Above and
below you can see Vino, Brenna, Suzie, Bodi, Taser, Bella, Leah, Teagan, and
New Puppy People often become good friends...that's
what life for humans and dogs is all about!
Mom Brenna, Brother Vino, Brother Bodi.
Introducing Bodi!  As a pup he was Mr. Red.  What a handsome
face, he is a nice combination of both parents.  He lived with us
for awhile in the Spring of 2010, and it was so nice to have the
brothers at home.  When adult puppies visit, it gives breeders a
chance to really get to know their offspring, and evaluate their
breeding programs...priceless knowledge!!!
Below Sawyer is training for his Hunt Tests in March 2011.  His owner has never
done official AKC Hunting Tests before, and several people in her local Club are
helping her.  Proof that people who are new to an event CAN do it and succeed with
their own dogs.  Especially if you are lucky enough to own a Versatile Vizsla!
Good Boy, Sawyer!!!

You can see more about Sawyer on his
own blog at
SUCCESS!!!  Sawyer attains his Junior
title in May 2011, trained and
handled by his owner in the field.  Instinct,
combined with kind and proper training is a
beautiful thing.  I am so proud of Sawyer
and Aimee!
Above Bodi supervises the pool
maintenance at his new home in the Bay
Area, and below his is VERY patient with
his little friend.
April 2012.
Photo copyrighted by Jarvis Photography.

Tazmin and his Uncle Zeke live in Tahoe, but
they sure get around!  The best part about a
long car ride, is the end where they get to run
on the beach!
Here for a visit in July 2010, Suzie,
Brenna, Taser, Tazmin, and Vino pose for
the camera.
Here visiting in Dec. 2010 (we're
lucky to see him and his owners
so often!), Tazmin strikes a
handsome pose.
Photo copyrighted by Jarvis Photography.

Happy Thanksgiving from Taz, his Mom and his Uncle
Zeke, November 2011.
In November 2012,  Tazmin's Mom is housesitting
for us, and he is showing her how to get Vino's
attention...nothing like a quick paw to the head!
Photo by Aimee Peart.

Sawyer shares a drink with his daughter
Emme, February 2012.
Photo by Aimee Peart.

Sawyer enjoys Lake Tahoe.  I have people inquiring
about Vizslas all the time.  Sometimes they say
they've heard that Vizslas don't like water...not a
problem with my dogs!
Judging by the look on his owner's face, I think
Sawyer is doing well as he practices for his
Senior Hunter title. January 2013.
GCH. & Intl. CH. Aristo's Sawyer Gonna Love Me, JH, CGC