GCH. and Intl. CH. Aristo's King Vino Gift of The Vine, C.D.,
CH. DryCreek's Jester of Aristo, CD    x    CH. Criodain's Brenna of Aristo, C.G.C.
Vino was born here May 2, 2008, and you can see his baby pictures as the pup
with the Green ric rac on his mother's page (Brenna).

I am so glad to have Vino with his attentive, happy attitude, and his strong
desire to please.  
At 13 months old, Vino passed his Canine Good Citizen test.  Then,
at 17 months old, he earned his  AKC Championship with 4 majors, 4 Bests of
Breed from the classes, and a Bred-By-Exhibitor Group 4.  Next we competed
in Obedience, and he achieved his C.D. in 3 straight Trials.  His International
Champion title was won with flare, and then he became my first Grand
Champion...  This is FUN!!!

You can see details about Vino siring his first litter on the Vizsla Litter 2012
page.  He was VERY eager to add "father" to his list of accomplishments!
Vino at 8 weeks old.
Vino and Suzie cuddle on the
Vino and his Dad enjoy the
morning sun.
Vino gets together with 2 of his littermates 1 month after
they had gone to their new homes.
Left to Right: Suzie, Brenna, Vino, Leah, Teagan, Jester.
These dogs are so much fun!  Until you have been "owned"
by a Vizsla, you really have not experienced pure fun, loyalty,
or unconditional affection.
Breeder: Joye Bondanza
Aristo Acres
Vino at 14 weeks old doing an
obedient sit-stay...honestly!
Photography by Amy Grove.
The next day Vino wins Best Vizsla Puppy.  The
photographer commented on how well behaved he
is...imagine that!
(photograph by Cook Phodography)
Look, Mom...No hands!!!
Vino's first show, 6 months old.
(photograph by Jarvis Photography)
Vino's second weekend of showing, at 7 months
old, winning his first point.
(photograph by Roberts Photos)
Vino's brother, Sawyer, and his fabulous Owner-Handler,
Aimee, came to visit in February, 2009.  Above you can see
these two handsome fellows looking dashing.  And yes, my
friends, that is I in the awful red hair...this situation is being
Shows as a Puppy
Vino has won more, in less time, than any other
dog I've ever owned.  We are so proud of our
young boy.  Thank you, Jester and Brenna, for
this GIFT.
In between shows, Vino enjoys time in the

Coming or going, it's always a good view!
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
(Photo by Ed Diller)
Extra-Nice wins!!!
Vino and his brother Sawyer (Aristo's Sawyer Gonna Love
Me) competed in the Vizsla Club of Northern California's
Specialty, June, 2009, and Sawyer won Winners Dog and
Best of Winners for a 5 point major!!!  The day before,
Sawyer won Winners Dog for another 5 point major, and
Vino took Reserve Winners Dog to his brother-talk about a
worthwhile weekend!
Vino                      and                     Sawyer
age 13 months.       
Vino wins 3 out of the 4 days the weekend after the
Specialty in 2009, including two Best of Breeds from
the classes, and getting pulled in Groups.  What a
thrill for a
young dog who is breeder/owner/handled!
(Photo by Holloway Photography)
Hawaiian Day at the shows.  (Photo by Holloway Photography)
(Photo by Cook Phodography)
OFA hips: Excellent
OFA Thyroid: Normal
Von Willebrands: Normal
DNA: V586395
CERF Eyes: normal
CHIC: 75674
Here is Vino finishing his Championship at 17 months old
with his FOURTH major!!!!  In doing so, he has qualified
for the AKC Eukanuba show for 2010 and 2011.  Vino
does not know about these details, he just yearns to
please me...mission accomplished!
Photo by Cook Phodography
After Vino finished his show Championship, we started
Obedience training, and he achieved his C.D.
(Companion Dog title) in three straight trials.  (April
Vino gets his first major toward the
newly-available title of AKC Grand Champion
his first time out as a Special.  May 2010.
New Champion, November 2009.
(Photo by Kory at O'Brien Photos)
Vino shows off at home,
June 2010.
HHhmmm, seems I'm having
trouble with the lighting,
Sawyer, on the left, is darker and
more muscular than Vino, on the
right.  Genetics are amazing!
Vino is such a mild-mannered sort
of guy that he just held this stack
forever for the photographer.
Good Puppy!
Along the road to getting his Grand Championship...
Vino wins Select Dog AND the Award of Merit
both days in Santa Rosa.  (In shows with a
large number of entries in your breed, they
may offer an Award of Merit=lots of
That's my Vino!  And, yes, he is always
Vino is filling into his
adult body, and our
friend, Carolyn Royal,
caught these pictures of
him in April 2011.  Big
man on campus, huh?!
(These 3 photos by Carolyn Royal)
Due to the arrival of Brenna's puppies in Spring 2011, I only
managed to get Vino to one show during the first half of
2011...and yippee-he won, defeating a few of this country's Top
Ten dogs!
This weekend was the worst wind and rain and mud I have seen
in a very long time.  It was nice to see the staff, exhibitors, and
dogs being good sports, and putting up with on-the-fly changes,
such as showing in the street to avoid the mud.
Vino wins another major toward his Grand Champion
during his first weekend out at the shows after being
home for many months with the little puppies in
2011.  He plays so well with his young brothers and
sisters, we are lucky to have an adult male Vizsla to
set a good example of behavior for the little ones.
Another Best Of Breed for Vino-Good Boy!!!
October 2011.
Vino started 2012 off with a BANG.  First he won his
International Champion title, then he surprised all of us when
he bred Zara without my consent!  Even though I did not plan
this breeding, his puppies turned out to be excellent, and
overall they were a very calm litter (like their Dad).  You can
see more on the Vizsla Litter 2012 page.

I guess we will have to wait until the Fall to get back to
Here are his babies at 8 weeks old-ADORABLE!
There were 2 boys in his litter.  Which one do you think looks more like their
Father, Mr. Red or Mr. Light Blue?  Talk about Puppy-Dog eyes!
Here is Vino overlooking his puppies...what a proud Pappa!
June 2012.
After the puppies went to their new homes, we started showing.  
Right away, Vino finished his Grand Champion title, and won
back-to-back Best of Breeds in September 2012.
The above 2 photos were taken by Sherry McGuire, and you can
see how PROUD I am of my boy!!!
Here is the official win shot from the above show.
Below is the next day, both photos by Cook
In 2013 the first order of business was to make the ads
for the catalog for the Vizsla Club of America's National
Show.  I had Jayney Adams of Jayney's Creative Works
do the digitizing, and below you can see Vino looking
very professional.
Vino in 2011                                                         Vino in 2013
Here is the ad, showing both Vino and his brother, Sawyer.
Snazzy, huh?!?!

Thank You, Jayney!!!
2015 was a busy and unusual year.  Vino's sons and
daughters did us proud in the show ring, the field, and the
most important place of all: their homes.  Vino himself was
busy "helping" me move to Tennessee.
Vino and Joye made the cut in the huge Best of Breed class at the
National Show...there were 107 dogs in this class alone!

Vinos' son, Rez, won the Open Dog class on Monday, and placed Fourth
on Wednesday...that's great for a young dog who is just learning how to
show!  (Actually, that's great for any dog at the National!)
San Jose, CA
April-May 2014
Vino and Joye on his 6th Birthday.

May 2014.
(photo by Sunshine Portraits)
Vino enjoys the snow in his backyard
in Tennessee
.  January 2016.